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St Helens Tool & Machinery Repairs is synonymous with true professionalism, which is why we offer a variety of repair services right when you need them. Our technicians are always available to advise and assist you, not only making sure your items are as good as new, but also taking the time to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Drilling With Dad
Fix a Light
Protect the Eyes


This service is one of our most popular offerings, and is always provided by one of our expert repair technicians to guarantee customer satisfaction. When you bring us your item in need of servicing, we will get to work finding out what the issue is and remedying it as quick as we can so as not to cause any more disruption to your daily routine.

Get in Touch


Since 2020, we’ve provided customers with convenient and comprehensive services for all their repair needs, including Alterations. St Helens Tool & Machinery Repairs is committed to helping make your life easier which is why our services are available whenever you need them most. Get in touch today or visit our shop to find out more.


With this convenient and effective service, our professional team is able to put their experience and training to the test. It’s our priority to return your items looking great and functioning at full capacity, all in a reasonable amount of time. Stop by the shop and discover the repair service that best meets your needs.

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